Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something From Me

When I close my eyes
I dream the things  that no one seems to care
When I ask them why they all say
In these times life's just not that fair

Can't they see the way things are
Nothing is for free
But I'm their key and all they want
Is something new from me

I do their work quick as I can
Then there's ten more that wait
Or am I a jerk who just can't learn
And favors are my fate

I try to impress but I do too much
And no one ever does see
Doing my best is all that they need
And all they want is something from me

Do I have a friend I wonder
Is it all an act?
When will it end and what will it take
Before they stab my back

When can I say I need some help
If you could please
Maybe one day they'll tell me they care
And not just want something from me


  1. I love this Mike. I feel it, too. It's a rare thing for people to love for the sake of friendship- no agenda. The sad thing is that the hearts of us that do care deeply get a little trampled along the way, but the "risk" is worth the few who will, indeed, be the transparent-love-you-just-the-way-you-are friends...the ones who don't want to "take" but just want to "be." They really are out there.... Somewhere. ;-)

    1. Thanks so much Shanda :) I know it was written a bit harshly and I know I do have some good friends, but sometimes the 'take' friends overshadow them.