Sunday, November 15, 2015


It seems everyone is eager for me to hate something.  So fine, let's get it all out of the way...

I hate the dirt
I hate the air
I hate the smoke
I hate your hair
I hate your lip
I hate your teeth
I hate your voice
I hate you freaks

I hate the movies
I hate the news
I hate those people
that never lose

I hate the winners
I hate the score
I hate the player
and how you snore

I hate your music
I hate your beats
I hate that thing
between your teeth

I hate Politics
But why stop there?
I hate Republicans
I hate Obamacare

So what happens now
We hate it all
The only thing left
We watch it all fall!

We'll shoot your neighbors
We'll stab your friends
That's not enough?
We'll shoot them again

Let's burn it down
Let's blow it up!
There's panic there
Let's shut them up!

We can bomb it all
We can burn it down
Let's make sure
They hear our sound

We made our point
We're surrounded in death
What do we do 
When there's nothing left?

Only dirt remains
There's no place to walk
What's left to do
If there's no one to talk

So let's skip all that
And find a new start
Let's figure it out
And remember our heart