Friday, November 5, 2010

Exposing Politicians... But Not in a Gross Way!

I hate talking about politics. I mean I really REALLY hate talking about politics. Because people are so painfully passionate about their views and convinced they are absolutely right, and everyone else is wrong. Most friendly debates just turn ugly because many people are so close-minded towards any type of suggestions that conflict with their own views. I try to avoid negativity and conflict, cause I want to get along with everyone, (delusional? Maybe, but it's um.... how I roll. Sorry you had to hear me use that phrase), and I really don't need the stress. So the two topics I generally avoid are politics and religion. I had a history teacher in high school that refused to talk about his political views because he said they should be very private and personal (*insert obvious sexual innuendo here*). As much as I disliked that history teacher, I really think that is a healthy way of thinking.

But the recent elections have inspired me, not in a good warm fuzzy sort of way, but in a why won't that rash go away sort of way. Partly because of what I saw on the TV and news daily (hourly!), and partly because of many comments on Facebook that seem uncomfortably hateful. Sure we are all frustrated with how things are done but I don't think you can blame ONE person or ONE party for ALL the problems in the world. And the one thing that I hate more than discussing religion or politics is outright stupidity and hate.

One specific party does not have all the answers. There I said it. Just because your candidate/party won this years election, don't expect to wake up in a million dollar home tomorrow. Don't expect people to miraculously get out of debt overnight. Don't expect the angels to start singing over the White House, (wait, that sounded like a religious comment. Sorry!). One problem is nobody is working together to a common goal. The people in power are constantly blocking others and making excuses why we can't do this or why we can't do that. Therefore forward momentum stops. As Gallagher pointed out years ago: “If "con" is the opposite of "pro", does that mean Congress is the opposite of progress .”

But the biggest issue we can NOT defeat in politics is money, power and misinformation.

A month or two ago, I made a silly joke about how politicians should earn minimum wage. One friend mentioned that politics was never intended to be a career, and after really thinking about it, that does make a lot of sense. With a simple modest paycheck, we could see who really cares and isn't just looking for the biggest endorsement. Every one of them will say anything to get elected, and once in office, just do whatever the heck they want, (“...Yay, I won! Now bring on the hookers!”).

Another issue that seems to be getting progressively worse each election year, is all the bashing of each candidates opponent. I am a firm believer that all this mudslinging in a political campaign needs to be illegal, so maybe we can hear what the candidates have in mind instead of just hearing how evil their opponent is. Whether taken out of context, misquoted, or maybe someone was just having a bad day. It just sucks hearing about Candidate X is eating babies, or Candidate Y is trying to kill you. How can you in good conscience vote for anyone in this scenario???

But who would put either a minimum wage proposal, or an anti-mudslinging proposal on a ballet? Nobody because it's how they thrive!

Now let's talk about the 'lower level' elections, (judges, sheriffs, superintendents etc), where all the bigger politicians get started. Most 'normal' Americans are never going to take the time and effort to truly research these people unless it's your friend running for the office. Most everyone is (unfortunately) lazy and needs to be spoon-fed the information, generally from the media... And we know how trustworthy that is!

But how can we get the entire country to get off their collective asses and do some research? You can't. It's a challenge for most people to put down their beer, bong, and/or crack-pipe, get off the couch and go to work some days. So what's the alternative? Blindly vote ALL Republican or all Democrat? Both parties are disgustingly antiquated. The ideals and concepts they started over 200 years ago worked well but we as a nation have grown up (and out?), and sadly the system does not fit so well in our society anymore, and even our girdle is busting it's seams. We see the proof of this every day. If the system worked so well, we would not be TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, seeing such huge unemployment rates, disgustingly high foreclosure rates and... how many wars are we in now? This all started long before Democrats took office.

The current system is flawed, and everyone blindly says “Get out and vote! It's our right and honor and privilege etc!” But how wise is it to fund this crook or that crook just to help them buy a new Lexus or another private jet, (ask McCain how many homes he has), while we get more and more frustrated and angry. And if someone does have the heart and soul to do the job correctly, they will be quickly overlooked and buried by the power and money and mass corruption currently in control.

Yes people are angry, and yes we need help, but these wild attacks on a specific party or one specific politician is not the answer. Just cause Fox News said it, doesn't mean its true, “These are not the droids you're looking for, and you really hate Democrats don't you...”.

Has Obama screwed up? Well, so far there are no dead hookers that I have heard about but maybe he is far from perfect *gasp*. Although I doubt you were perfect at every job you've ever had, (sadly his job is a bit more public). But people were angry and frustrated long before Democrats took over the White House, and they will be angry long after they leave. Did Bush screw up? Well... yes... but maybe the problem is much deeper, and maybe just MAYBE Obama wants to help and do the right thing. Or maybe he is the anti-Christ... could go either way.

Sorry I'll get off my soap box now, but I will accept endorsements... And I have never been caught with a dead hooker, nor have I ever wanted to eat a babies.

Now who wants to talk about religion...?

My name is Deeesher and I approve this blog.